Felt so much better

I have already felt so much better since the first visit, Thanks – Joesph S.

Health And Well-Being Is Important

From the moment you walk through the door, you’re greeted by the welcoming aroma and friendly, caring person behind the desk. I always feel that my health and well-being is the most important thing to everyone that is involved, from sign in to actual visit with Dr. Anderson to setting my next visit when leaving. By keeping my appointments and following care and health instructions, I am seeing positive results in overall improvement to my health and less pain overall. I have over a 30 minute drive to the clinic but it is worth it. God bless Dr. Anderson and his entire staff and family. -Diane V.

Migraine Headache Relief

I’d been having migraines for years, sometimes two or three a day, and none of the doctors I went to could tell me what was wrong. I bounced around from prescription to prescription and I was missing at least one day of work per week. My migraines have improved dramatically! I’m no longer missing work and I don’t have to deal with all those other doctors telling me, “I have no idea what’s wrong with you, but here, take this prescription anyway!” -Jill H.

Pediatric Maintenance Makes a Difference

My daughter Lilly is three years old. We started coming to Anderson Integrated Health Center shortly after she was born. Lilly has never been on any antibiotics or had any vaccines. We have not been to a medical doctor for any sick visits since we started coming to Anderson Clinic. ~Brooke T.

Heart Function Improved

(Before receiving care) my heart functioned at only 10%. I had extreme pain in my lower back especially around my monthly cycle. I was also constipated. My lower back pain is now gone. My heart is now functioning at 38%! Constipation is gone and no more monthly fatigue. My whole family is under care! ~Cindy S.

Digestion Issues Resolved

I had high blood pressure, IBS, sinus, and headaches. Every time I ate anything, I would have a huge bulge sticking out of my left side and it was very uncomfortable! The arthritis was in my back and neck which caused pain. The first time I was adjusted, I ate lunch and the bulge in my left side was gone! I could eat without feeling uncomfortable. The neck and back pain went away. My sinuses have improved. J.M.

Sinus Trouble is Gone

I had severe sinus trouble that would not relieve itself at all. The symptoms (headache, stuffiness and pain) persisted for many years. After I got my first adjustment at Anderson Integrated Health Center, all of my symptoms cleared up, and I have not suffered since. J.C.

Pain Free with No Surgery

I had been having neck, shoulder and back pain for some time since I retired from my job as a flight attendant after ten years. In the fall of 2011, my pain and disability increased and I was told by my chiropractor that due to degeneration in my neck, I would probably require surgery. The adjustments I was getting from him were not helping and I was feeling hopeless. I came to Dr. Mike Anderson in November of 2011, he took x-rays and he was confident that my alignment could be corrected without surgery. I had two adjustments that would not stay in for more than a day or two. On December 10th, I returned with my neck out of adjustment and in chronic pain. The adjustment was painful and afterwards I felt very wobbly and scared. The most important addition to my success was rest. For the first week I did almost nothing. Then I added tasks, but still rested. There was a lot of pain from muscle spasms as my body went to war with itself. My head felt like a ball on a toothpick, but began to feel more secure as the days passed. A month later, I have some tingling in my fingers, but my neck feels good and I am pain free. -Sarah B.

Sciatic Nerve Pain & Allergy Relief

Prior to Upper Cervical Care, I experienced severe allergies and was bothered by a sciatic nerve on the back of my knee. After Upper Cervical care, the sciatic nerve pain is gone. When my allergies get bad, I know I need an adjustment. After I am aligned, my problems go away. -Mary Jane

Car Accident Recovery

We began UCC over a year ago, and my headaches and migraines overall have improved. Two months ago, I was involved in a car accident. The accident caused pain and weakness in my left shoulder, my neck and my overall left side of my back. I had a limited turning radius, inability to lift my left arm, and random sharp pains throughout the day. Two days after the accident, I increased my visits to Dr. Anderson. I was seeing him every 1-2 weeks, now I started coming from Marietta 2-3 times per week. Dr. Mike was the only doctor who took x-rays. The doctors in the emergency room after the accident, told me that I was “suffering from whiplash.” The gave me pain pills and sent me home. Since beginning UCC I only had about 3 adjustments over the year. But this accident shook my alignment seriously. I needed 4 adjustments in one month! After 6 weeks of constant care, I am now able to lift AND rotate my arm. I am still weak, but I just have to exercise my arm after weeks of immobility. My head no longer throbs, I can bend and bathe, even my back! It sounds like small accomplishments, but after not being able to do much (with an infant, and a toddler), even the little things are a huge accomplishment in my daily life. -Candice

Able to Work Again

I was in pain all the time and spent my time at home on the couch. I am a hairdresser and was so off balance/dizzy that I had to sit for 8 months to do my job. After coming under UCC, I am full of life again, spending time with my family. My job is wonderful—I am able to work 8 hour days instead of 3. Praise God for getting me here!! Thank you Dr. Mike for giving my life back. -Alison

Allergies, Asthma & GERD all Gone!

My daughter always had severe allergies, asthma and sinus problems. She was diagnosed with GERD and at age 6 was placed on an adult dose of medicine. She was frequently sick and missed a lot of school. My daughter is 13 years old now. She is no longer on any medicine. She does not suffer from allergies, asthma, or GERD. She has not been sick at all, since we started undergoing upper cervical specific chiropractic. She has more energy and can enjoy being a healthy teenage girl. -Kelsi L.

Years of Pain relieved in Three Weeks

I had pain in my neck and back for many years and the pain was always there. Also, I had pain in my right shoulder. I felt tired all the time and it was hard to concentrate at work. When I would get off of work, I would go home and sleep for hours. My health has improved in many ways. I am not in pain and I have a lot more energy. I feel like I am doing a better job at work and I feel like doing things around the house. One of the biggest items is that my blood pressure has reduced. I am off my cholesterol medicine completely and I am taking only half of my blood pressure medicine every 3 days. I went to my medical doctor for a check up and he agreed with dropping my blood pressure medicine. My life is more enjoyable now! Thank You. P.S. This was after only 3 weeks!!! -Phil T.

Headache Pain Relieved

Before UCSC, I really did not know life without pain – especially headaches. I was getting 5-6 headaches a week. I had been going to different chiropractors, but to no avail. After my first adjustment, I could tell the difference. I can remember the first Sunday after my adjustment (Sunday always seemed to be the worst day when it came to headaches). I sat down on the couch to watch TV and I realized that I didn’t have a headache or any pain at all. I knew right then that I had found someone who was serious about my health. I do have headaches from time to time, but it is not weekly and it is nice to have my life back. -Brian H.

No Nursing Home Needed

After being told there was nothing to be done, that all my problems were idiopathic, the doctors concluded that I was totally disabled and should be put in a nursing home with medication for pain. Instead, I weaned myself off the medication and came to see Dr. Anderson. I am able to walk again on my own and do things for myself more and more. Everyday I gain a little back. I have hope I will return to a normal life again. Bless Dr. Anderson! Tami B. (Age 50)

Pain Gone & Athletic Performance Improved

When I cam to Anderson Clinic, I had a constant pain between my shoulder blades and lower back. I play softball and some days I couldn’t even pick up a ball without extreme pain. Since I have been under Upper Cervical Care, there has been a huge change. I have no more pain in my back and when I do it is just a soreness. My throws in softball have been so much more accurate and the pain in my shoulders has gone away. This has changed my life tremendously, I went from having tons of pain and coming off the field crying to no pain whatsoever. Upper Cervical Care is something I will be grateful for my whole life. Hannah R. (Age 15)

No More Seasonal Allergies

I had back trouble and very bad allergies. After two years of care, the back problem is very much improved and the allergies are non-existent, even in the high pollen count. Vera C. (Age 72)

Upper Cervical Care addresses Illness and Sinus Problems

Dylan is my 5yr old son. He suffered from allergies and sinus problems. There was a lot of missed school and he was very irritable. Dylan is no longer sick all of the time. There were a couple times that he had double pneumonia and ran a high fever. I brought him to Dr. Mike. Dylan was out of adjustment, once he was adjusted, his fever broke and he continued to get better. -Summer

I feel 10 Years Younger

I have been going to a full spine chiropractor since I was a teen. I had low back pain, leg pain, headaches and hip problems. It was difficult to function on a daily basis; unable to sleep at night, my job requires bending, lifting, reaching… these things became impossible for me. I noticed improvements in two weeks. In four weeks, I felt like I did 10 years ago. I have so much energy. It is great! There have been many changes in other areas of my health, such as I sleep better. I don’t stay cold all the time and I have more energy. -Brenda

Dr. Anderson Uncovered my Dairy Allergy and Changed my Life

Before Upper Cervical, I had constant pain down my right upper shoulder/neck – after my first adjustment, the pain stopped. I started coming to Dr. Mike Anderson about ten years ago. I found out about him through another Upper Cervical Doctor. In the last ten years, I have come a long way. I had severe pain in my neck from an auto accident. Before an adjustment, I would be deathly sick as the adjustment was working its way out. I would get adjusted and it would still take 3-5 days to recover. In the last several years that has changed. I don’t get sick before or after an adjustment. I recently signed up for the “Get At The Roots Weight Loss” class. At our second class, we discussed food sensitivities, how to test for them and how they can impact our health and the pain we still encounter each day. My test showed I had a sensitivity to dairy. So I eliminated all dairy from my diet. I figured I would try it for two weeks and see if there would be any difference. After one week of no dairy, I was at church and had to take some papers to the church office downstairs. Previously, I was unable to bend my right knee. I had my knee replaced in 2006 and I had not been able to bend it ever since. Taking stairs meant turning so I could go down the stairs with a straight leg. This Sunday, I started down the stairs and found myself bending my right knee – as if this was a normal occurrence. I now realize that my sensitivity to dairy had caused my body to be inflamed and stopped my knee from being able to bend. I also have osteoarthritis and degenerative bone disease. I am 64 years old and after a day of work, I would be forced to come home and just lay done the rest of the night. Since I have stopped taking in any dairy, the constant chronic pain that I have struggled with for 22 years is gone. I consider this a miracle. -Dee K.