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“Where Families and Friends Come to Get and Stay Well”

Our highest mission is to glorify the Lord by serving Him and those He loves.

The sole purpose of Anderson Integrated Health Center is to restore, in every individual, proper body function to maintain a healthy body as God designed (Genesis 1:27).

Functional Health

In addition to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, Dr. Anderson also assists Dallas patients through nutrition and diagnostics to develop a holistic strategy for health.

Dr. Michael Anderson is a board-certified chiropractic internist with a Diplomate in Diagnosis and Internal Disorders (DABCI). He utilizes this specialty to offer natural solutions to combat today’s common health conditions.

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Specific Chiropractic in Dallas

Specific Chiropractic is a safe, precise form of chiropractic which focuses on the health and function of the brain stem and nerve system.

Dr. Anderson brings Specific Chiropractic (a.k.a. Upper Cervical Care) to Dallas after experiencing its benefits.

With extensive post-graduate training in Brain Stem/Upper Cervical adjusting procedures, he earned Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific (K.C.U.C.S.) Master Certification.


Dr. Anderson is very thorough and takes care of me. Since coming here, I’ve been shown different techniques to relieve my chronic back pain and improve my quality of life. Thank you so much!!!

Christopher S.

To say that Dr. Mike Anderson has made a positive impact on my life and my health would be a tremendous understatement. His knowledge of health and healing has helped my family more than any doctor we have ever experienced. Dr. Mike has a level of both knowledge and expertise that will change your life. He truly is the best! We thank God for Dr. Mike Anderson and know that you will be blessed to know him too!

T M.

I have been coming for almost 9 years. This place is AMAZING, from the staff to Dr. Anderson. Before I started with Dr.Anderson my quality of life was horrible. I had migraines 4 to 5 days a week. I had tried many Chiropractors over several years and my headaches only got worse. I remember my first adjustment with Dr A and after that i didn’t have a headache for 7 months. I am also currently enrolled in functional medicine and wow what a change in my life. In just 6 weeks I lost 24 lbs and feel like I’m in my 20’s again. (I’m 50). If you want your quality of life back, I highly recommend Dr. Anderson and his staff!!!!

Brian H.

Dr. Anderson has helped me and my husband so much! Both of us had terrible neck issues and I also struggled with sciatica. We are both feeling so much better. His staff is wonderful too. I appreciate the way he takes the time to educate and empower you to heal. He is a wonderful doctor.

Paula P.

I came to Dr. Anderson after almost a year of unexplained dizzy spells and insomnia, after only a few months of seeing him for Chiropractic and Functional medicine I am sleeping without sleeping pills and my dizzy spells have decreased significantly. He is extremely thorough and always listens, he doesn’t rush you like most doctors. The office staff is always extremely accommodating and friendly. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!!

Holly D.

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