Specific Chiropractic (a.k.a. Upper Cervical Care) is a safe, precise form of chiropractic which focuses on the health and function of the brain stem. The brain stem connects your brain to the rest of your body allowing normal, healthy messages to be communicated–it is literally your lifeline. Irritation or damage to the brain stem can disrupt this communication and cause you to develop sickness and pain.

As an Upper Cervical Doctor, Dr. Anderson uses precision equipment and specific adjustments to restore proper brain stem function and reestablish communication between the brain and body. When communication is restored, you can recover from any current sickness or pain and prevent future illnesses.

How does brain stem irritation or damage occur?

Because of both its critical role as your lifeline and its delicate structure, your brain stem is well protected between three bones: the skull, Atlas (C1), and Axis (C2). This area of the body is referred to as the upper cervical spine. Alignment of these bones is critical and allows the brain stem to function normally.

If one of the upper cervical vertebrae (Atlas or Axis) becomes misaligned irritation or damage to the brain stem occurs. This dangerous type of Central Nervous System condition is called a Subluxation. Communication between the brain and the rest of the body is distorted or lost and, if left uncorrected, causes your body to develop symptoms like pain, sickness, and ultimately disease. This may be why you and your family haven’t been well.

Normal vs. Abnormal (Subluxation)

At some point in your life you may have been told to “get your head on straight.” This is what we do. We position your head back on straight so you can get back to living your life, well.

Do you suspect you might have a subluxation? Find out if Specific Chiropractic is for you and schedule a complimentary consultation today.